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  • Tax notice - It is issued by the income tax department when the AO finds any default in the Original/Revised ITR. A tax payer can get notice from Income Tax Department for many reasons given under various sections.
  • Tax Demand - Every tax notice does not demand for additional tax. Notices are issued under different sections and every section has some different demand
  • Non-payment Of Tax Demand - It may attracts penalty and prosecution under various provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and interest @ 1% p.m. or part of the month on the amount of default.
Private Limited Company


Notice Advisory and refund issue plan

Basic Follow Up Plan*

  • Rs 1499**  Rs 1999
  • CA Review Of IT Notice
  • CA Respond To Notice
  • One Time Response
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**Exclusive Of GST *Doesn't Include Revise Return

Saving Follow Up Plan

  • Rs 1999**  Rs 2499
  • CA Review Of IT Notice
  • CA Respond To Notice
  • Respond Till Issue Resolved
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Why you need to Respond To Tax Notice?

Responding to tax notice is necessary in every case and if no action is taken by you within 30 days of receipt of the notice u/s 245, the outstanding demand as on that date will be considered for adjustment against your refund.

Steps Involved?


Receive Documents.


Review Notice


Revise Notice


Rectify Notice and processing

Required Document

  • Tax Notice
  • ITR

Time Taken For Processing for advisory services

Minimum 5 working days