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  • MSME Requirement - To be classified as a MSME, Enterprises in the Manufacturing sector need to have less than Rs.10 crores of investment in plant & machinery; service Enterprises must have an investment of less than Rs.5 crores of investment in plant & machinery.
  • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum - Aadhar card is a must for everything and to start an MSME Registration, it is mandatory.
  • Reimbursement of ISO Certification: Enterprises that have MSME Registration Certificate can claim reimbursement of ISO Certification expenses by making an application to the respective authority.
Private Limited Company


Step into the World of Business with us


  • Rs 1,499*
  • MSME Registration
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  • Rs 2,499*
  • MSME Registration
  • GST Registration
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  • Rs 3,999*
  • MSME Registration
  • GST Registration
  • IEC Registration
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*Exclusive of GST

Why you need MSME Registration?

In a developing country like India, MSME industries are the backbone of our economy promoting equitable development for all. According to the government report MSME sector contributes to 45% of India’s Total Industrial Employment, 50% of India’s Total Exports and 95% of all industrial units of the country.

Government of India support and promote MSMEs through various subsidies, schemes and incentives promote MSMEs through the MSMED Act. To avail such benefit MSME Registration is mandatory.

Steps Involved?


Receive Documents.


Application Drafting.


Review and Changes


MSME Registration

Required Documents for MSME Registration

In regard to the MSME Registration, following documents are needed:
  • Adhaar Card.
  • Pan Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Bank Account statement.
  • Partnership Deed or MoA and AoA

Time Taken For MSME Registration

Minimum 2 working days