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  • FIEO Requirement - FIEO registration enables exporters to get useful guidance and international exposure from Federation of Indian Export Organizations
  • Export-Promotion Programmes - FIEO registration allows the exporters to engage in the Export-Promotion Programmes like seminars, workshops & certification courses.
  • CRISIL - Small traders & MSMEs having FIEO registration can avail credit rating services from CRISIL at discounted cost.
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Step into the World of Business with us


  • Rs 11,999*
  • FIEO Registration
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  • Rs 12,999*
  • FIEO Registration
  • IEC Registration
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  • Rs 14,999*
  • FIEO Registration
  • IEC Registration
  • Letter Of Undertaking
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*Exclusive of GST

Why you need FIEO Registration?

FIEO registration can deliver significant benefits to an exporter. Some of the key FIEO membership benefits are global exposure, thorough guidance on key areas of global trade such as Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) and various concessions to MSMEs.

Steps Involved?


Receive Documents.


Application Drafting.


Review and Changes


FIEO Registration

Required Documents for FIEO Registration

  • Self attested copy of IEC Code issued by the DGFT.
  • Bank certificate signed by the authorities.
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Bank statement of the bank account of the company or firm (for the last two months)

Time Taken For FIEO Registration

Minimum 15 Working days